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* Erlend Sandnes
* Jesper Gredsted Smidth
* Jesper Gredsted Smidth
* '''Alex Rask Albertsen'''
* '''Alex Rask Albertsen'''

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Become a friend of Heimskringla!

Have you remembered to support your favorite cultural project? Become a friend of Heimskringla by making a donation to Good intentions and "likes" on Facebook are great, but unfortunately, they don't do the job.

Support your favorite cultural project! is supported by voluntary contributions and receives no official support from the state. We have expenses, but no steady source of income. The cost of the work on the texts, and of the programming and administration of the site, is borne by private donations. And our only payment is the satisfaction of knowing that you and others can enjoy the texts on our site for free. Our work here is, in other words, a gift to you.

One should be
a friend to one's friend
and repay a gift with a gift.

In the past few years has published a large amount of literature. Today the database contains more than 6000 titles and is the largest collection of Old Norse texts on the internet. In total there were about 625 pages with text published this year and behind each of those pages lie uncountable hours of unpaid labor in the form of reading OCR files, making corrections, editing and preparing the text.

To thoroughly correct and edit the OCR text and reproduce a text that is as near to the original as possible is, as we see it, a job to be done by hand. The text should be easy to read, and clean and attractive in presentation. Our focus is always on quality and user-friendliness, so that you, the reader, can get the most enjoyment out of the text.

Already thousands of hours have been given to the project, in addition to expenses involved in the purchase of texts and reference material. We are completely dependent on voluntary donations, so any financial contribution is received with a hearty thank-you!

How You Can Help

Do you or your company want to help our project with a donation? Every little bit counts, whether big or small. Remember that "a lot of little streams will make a big river". Contact us directly, or use our Norwegian bank account number, 97105024499.

For international donations, use our IBAN-number, NO6897105024499, with the SWIFT-code DNBANOKK or the SEPA-code: SKIANOBB.

It's also easy to donate to by using our PayPal account:

I'm a Friend of Heimskringla!

All donors are honored on this page for their financial contributions.


  • Erlend Sandnes
  • Jesper Gredsted Smidth
  • Alex Rask Albertsen
  • Jean Lauridsen
  • Stephen Cook
  • Tord Andre Kolsrud
  • Alex Rask Albertsen
  • Sana Wilken Jürgensen
  • Marianne Jørgensen
  • Jean Lauridsen
  • Erling Utne
  • Ove Thomsen
  • Nina Stensaker
  • Ove Thomsen
  • Storm Stensgaard
  • Gudrun Victoria Gotved


  • Hilde Hansen Falkenberg
  • Gudrun Victoria Gotved
  • Ove Thomsen
  • Vigdís Sveinsdóttir
  • Tom Galdal
  • Torbjørn Sletvold
  • Olav Jan Hellesøe
  • Kari Lovise Bæthun
  • Martin Torblaa Nordmoen
  • Mary-Ann Foss Hedlund
  • Herolf Holmeide
  • Lisbeth Larsen
  • Leif Avlskarl
  • Kristin Rentsch Ersdal
  • Gunhilde Langerud
  • Peter Georg Glasæ
  • Thomas Brethvad
  • Joar Larsson Bø
  • Kim Hornbech
  • Erling Utne
  • Ola Johannes Tjøstheim
  • Yngve Moeller
  • Jana Berna
  • Einar Selvik (Wardruna)
  • Klaus Nielsen


  • Knut Martinussen
  • Poul Jørgensen
  • Nina Stensaker
  • Dan Roger Rodal
  • Pia Sif Andersen
  • Ole Kristian Høydal
  • Vigdis Helmersen
  • Håkon Remøy
  • Frank Reyna
  • Tino Ivan Birkemo
  • Erik Junge
  • Ulf Westling
  • Robin Pettersson
  • Torbjørn Granseth
  • Jonathan Halsne
  • Gjermund Hordvik
  • Solveig Irene Aakeberg
  • Petter Snekkestad
  • Widar Bråthen
  • Line Svendsen
  • Mary-Ann Foss Hedlund
  • Hannes Saku Uolevi Millholm
  • Gunnar Sæthern Eskeland
  • Guri Bugge
  • Einar Selvik (Wardruna)
  • Sebastian Lønnve
  • Vigdís Sveinsdóttir
  • Erling Utne
  • Atle Johannes Dale
  • Vemund Magne Holstad
  • Frank Erik Solli


  • Torbjørn Granseth
  • Desirée Nina Uëtti
  • Einar Eldøy
  • Trygve Måleng
  • Maida Saralic
  • Inge L Reinsnos
  • Grethe Hagland
  • Frank Erik Solli
  • Jostein Johnsen
  • Torbjørn Sletvold
  • Ugnius Mikučionis
  • John Kruuse
  • Alexander Dannemark Opsahl
  • Håkon Hole Lønning
  • Greger Mossberg
  • Klaas Pieter Hart
  • Victor Rådmark
  • Kirsten Alise Normanseth
  • Oddvar Gisle Vindenes
  • Astri Kleppe
  • Ugnius Mikučionis
  • Anne Lise Dahl
  • Torfinn Moe
  • Michael Worm
  • Thor Asbjørn Bjørnsen
  • Leif Avlskarl
  • Vigdís Sveinsdóttir
  • Erling Utne
  • Stig Gunnar Myren


  • Gustaf Løvenlund
  • Emil Urhammer
  • Ludvig Swärd
  • Grethe Haglund
  • Leon Brufladt
  • August Harildstad Fredriksen
  • Henrik Thorkildsen
  • Sanne Meinema
  • Maria Bovbjerg
  • Stig Espeseth
  • Erling Utne
  • Victor Rådmark
  • Tora Beate Wikstrøm
  • Einar Selvik (Wardruna)
  • Vigdís Sveinsdóttir
  • Joachim Kokkelmans
  • Michael Dolle


  • Ole Bernt Lile
  • Askjell Raudøy
  • Paul Juul
  • Ida Landberg
  • Ole Steen Christensen
  • Søren Hvas
  • Robert Storm
  • Sina Weiß
  • Danny Kreutzfeldt
  • Sporisand forlag
  • Lars Evers
  • Terje Hillesund
  • Michael Dolle
  • Erling Utne
  • Tora Beate Wikstrøm
  • Eldar Heide
  • Ida Larsen
  • Eirik Andreas Haaland
  • Vigdís Sveinsdóttir
  • Tora Beate Wikstrøm
  • Einar Selvik (Wardruna)
  • Sigrid Aksnes Stykket
  • Vagn Bjørno Jensen
  • Lars Christian Larsen
  • Charles Ek
  • Lars Agerbæk
  • Paul Hofseth
  • Bjørn Kolstad


  • Ida Landberg
  • Peter Thaysen
  • Gustaf Løvenlund
  • Sebastian Skoge
  • Joachim Kokkelmans
  • Lars Hoen
  • Robert Storm
  • Tora Beate Wikstrøm
  • Leif Avlskarl
  • Erling Utne
  • Niels U. Kristiansen
  • Einar Selvik (Wardruna)
  • Agder Vikinglag
  • Sunniva Saksvik
  • Reinhard Möws


  • Gyldendal Norsk Forlag
  • Morten Lilleøren


  • no donations in 2011


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  • no donations in 2009


  • Cecilie Kornsaether


  • Helge Vidar Sørheim
  • Vigmostad & Bjørke
  • May-Sylvi Hansen
  • Magnús Þór Magnússon og Maria Skolota


  • Postverk Føroya
  • Kenneth Eriksson
  • Erling Skjalgssonselskapet


  • Jacqueline Pattison Ekgren

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