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HEIMSKRINGLA is the largest collection of Old Norse and Nordic source texts on the internet – currently some 7600 titles.

HEIMSKRINGLA primarily consists of eddic texts, sagas, and scaldic poetry, secondarily of background material and sources related to Sami and Finnish culture.

HEIMSKRINGLA is based on the belief that these texts – as part of our common cultural heritage – should be freely accessible to everyone.


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Finsk religion og mytologi
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Pre-Christian Finnish religion and mythology is part of Finno-Ugric religion. Today it is not possible to paint a precise picture of this religion, but some traits have been preserved, showing many similarities with Sami religion in both beliefs and practices. These include the use of shamans, sacrificing to natural powers, ancestor worship, bear cult, and belief in local gods and spirits in nature. Scholar of religions Jens Peter Schjødt provides these three facts about Finno-Ugric religion:
1. A Finno-Ugric "proto-religion" is unknown.
2. In most Finno-Ugric cultures, however, traits of considerable age have been preserved.
3. The Finnish national epic Kalevala contains a core of Finno-Ugric religion.
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Nordens ældste digt
– Vølvespå

by Frederik Hammerich, 1876

Nordens ældste digt - Vølvespå is a brief monograph about the most important poem of the Poetic Edda – The Völuspá. The author Frederick Hammerich places the poem within its historical context and thoroughly examines its main themes and their significance, taking into consideration the emerging Christian way of thinking. In the final part of the book, the author offers his own translation of the poem alongside the Old Norse text.

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