Media Reports and Press Releases

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Media Reports and Press Releases

Medieval Histories 08.02.2014

About on the Medieval Histories website: Heimskringla

Levende Historie 06.01.2012

About on the magazine Levende Historie website: runder 3000 dokumenter

Wessobrunner.jpg - KULTURVERK magasin for kultur og natur 06.05.2011

Wessobrunner Gebet – Oldhøytysk bønn med røtter til førkristen tid.

Report in the Norwegian internet magazine KULTURVERK - magasin for kultur og natur on Carsten Lyngdrup Madsens danish Wessobrunner Gebet translation at

Read the report at:

Norden nu 04.10.2009

Foreningen Nordens blad, Denmark: Norden nu Nr. 4 - oktober 2009 s. 22.

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Press Release 24.04.2009

Press Release from

The project "" expands its collection of texts and opens a new database.

The Nordic internet project "Heimskringla", also known as "Old Norse texts and poetry", expands its collection of texts and opens a new database today. The new database uses the wiki technology, and the project has got a clearer and a more user-friendly layout. The project, that aims to provide Old Norse literature on the internet is based on voluntary collaborations and is developed without official support.

In addition to source texts in the original language readers will find several texts translated into the later Scandinavian languages, classical scholarly works and other background material, in particular from before 1900. The project has a digital mailbox where the public can place relevant questions. New projects under development are, among others, Finnur Jónsson´s «Den norsk-islandske skjaldedigtning» and a Norwegian translation of the Eddic poems published by Gustav Antonio Gjessing in 1899, together with a biographic overview. Already present in the project are both the Prose Edda and the Eddic poems in several Scandinavian translations, in addition to an important assortment of Old Norse skaldic poems, rímur, sagas of the Icelanders, sagas of ancient times and the king´s sagas. Nearly 1700 unique texts. The database contains also rich overview over external web resources, a so-called e-library.

The Project "Old Norse texts and poetry" is based in Norway and was founded by the Icelander Jon Julius Sandal in 2002. Together with his Danish partner, Carsten Lyngdrup Madsen and the Faroese artist Anker Eli Petersen, and a handful volunteers, they have created the biggest searchable collection with Old Norse texts on the internet.

Old Norse News 01.08.2008

Report on in the internet periodical Old Norse News by professor Chris Abram (Department of Scandinavian Studies, University College London): Website Watch:

Lokalavisen Groruddalen 04.10.2007

Interview with Jon Julius Sandal in the local newspaper Lokalavisen Groruddalen: Urnorsk kulturspreder

RÚV 12.05.2007

Interview with Jon Julius Sandal in icelandic radio (RÚV) about the Heimskringla-project: Laugardagsþátturinn 12. mai 2007

RÚV 07.02.2007

Interview with Kjell Tore Nilssen in icelandic radio (RÚV) about his Norwegian translations of the Legendary sagas (Fornaldarsaga): Noregur: menntaskólakennari þýðir fornaldarsögur

Aust Agder Blad 30.01.2007

Interview with Kjell Tore Nilssen in Aust Agder Blad about his Norwegian translations of the Legendary sagas (Fornaldarsaga): Sagaoversetteren (The Saga translator)

Språknytt 4/2006 (s. 29)

Report on in Språknytt 4/2006 (periodical from The Norwegian Language Council): Språk på nett (Language on the Internet)

Nettmagasinet 20.06.2006

Report on and interview with project leader Jón Júlíus Filippusson in the internet magazine is an initiative of Norway’s research council and is owned by a group of central Norwegian research and educational organisations. : Idealister får Edda på nettet (Idealists bring the Edda to the Net).

Nettavisen Neste Klikk 20.06.2006

Report on in the internet periodical Ein som gjer noko av kjærleik (One who does something out of love). 20.06.2006

Report on in the internet periodical Legger Edda på nett (putting the Edda on the net).

Press Release 05.06.2006

Pressemelding fra Kulturformidlingen norrøne tekster og kvad

The Norrøne tekster og kvad project has reached a new milestone, passing the 1000 document mark.

The Norwegian internet project Norrøne tekster og kvad, which opened to the public last year, has steadily widened its collection of Old Norse source texts and folkloric material and has now published 1000 individual documents. The project, which has been run without public support up until now, is a community project and its aim is to make Old Norse literature available on the Net. In addition to source texts in the original language, various translations, classical academic texts and other background material can be accessed in the modern Scandinavian languages. This includes Snorri’s Edda and eddic poetry in several different translations, Old Norse skaldic poetry, Icelandic sagas and Snorri’s Kings’ Sagas. The project has also made available a good selection of articles and folkloric material from all the Nordic countries, including Faeroese ballads and medieval texts.

The Norrøne tekster og kvad project is managed by the Icelander Jón Júlíus Filippusson who, together with Dane Carsten Lyngdrup Madsen, Faeroese artist Anker Eli Petersen, and a handful of other volunteers, has built up the largest searchable collection of Old Norse texts on the Net.

Internet address:

Information is available in all Nordic languages and also in English, German, Spanish and Russian.

Illustrert Vitenskap - Historie Nr. 6-2006 (The Illustrated Academic - History No. 6-2006)

Report on in the Illustrert Vitenskap’s new magazine Historie published in Norwegian and Danish. For some unusual reason the project is accessed through a ‘short link’ to the Danish information website (


Old Norse on the Internet

During the day, 37-year-old Icelander Jón Júlíus Filippusson works at a nursery in Oslo, but his free time is devoted to the publication of Old Norse literature. With this in mind he has set up a website for Old Norse prose and poetry from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Faeroe Islands and Iceland. Amongst the Danish texts are Saxo Grammaticus’ Gesta Danorum translated from Latin by Ms. Winkel Holm, and Nordiske Gudekvad (Nordic religious poetry), translated by Thøger Larsen.

The website Norrøne Tekster og Kvad contains a steadily growing collection of Old Norse literature, including the works of Saxo.